Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Sexy Meter

Have you ever watched a fundraiser? Assuming you said yes, do you remember seeing the thermometer thing that would show the progress of the amount of money raised? It's usually denoted by filling in an area of the meter with red up to a line that corresponds with a certain dollar amount. Imagine that instead of money, sexiness is the measure. The sexier something is, the higher up on the meter it is colored red.
As an example, I have a friend that writes a blog about her adventures out on the town. If her blog was accompanied by a "sexy meter", the top of it would have exploded off and the red would be everywhere. On the exact opposite end of that spectrum would be my experience this evening at the store.

So as I'm preparing to cook dinner(sexy) for my family(commitment is sexy-the meter climbs) my wife says that we should go to the store becausetey have awesome sales going on(saving money is sexy, right?). But the sale ends at 9pm. At this point it is 6:26pm (sexy points for creating some suspense and drama). I put the dinner in the oven and say to her that I'll go now and be back when dinner is ready (knight in shining armor with time management skills=sexy-the meter climbs)

So I head off to the store. As I'm driving there, I'm realizing that we probably aren't the only people that got this ad in the paper (being aware is sexy) and that the store is going to be packed and probably look like a scene out of Independence Day. I get into the store and notice massive lines at the checkout and that all the cereal is practically gone from the cereal aisles. A little note on the shelf states that "there is more product displayed up front". So by now my sexy meter is towards the top. Add in the rock star quality and it is now completely red. So I'm pretty damn sexy as I turn te corner to find all the cereal I'm looking for is within reach (hunting and gathering is extremely sexy). I grab a box of Honeycomb and go to put it in the cart when I realize that it was put there to hold up the shelf full of cereal right above it. (stupidity is not so sexy) and the entire shelf comes crashing down(being "that guy"=not sexy) and now I'm down on my knees like a beggar picking change out of a fountain (grovelling on the ground is not really sexy)

Quick recap: I went from being really sexy to not sexy at all with the swipe of one box of cereal. I think Kenny Rogers said "know when to walk away, know when to run".

Oh well

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