Monday, December 7, 2009


Did anyone go out and get the 25th anniversary edition of the Last Unicorn? Did anyone know that 25 years a movie called the Last Unicorn was made and that it was epic? Yeah, I think they forgot to tell people. How did that marketing meeting go? Something like this...

PR Guy #1(Public relations, not Puerto Rican)"We should release this movie and not tell anyone. It'll be epic!"

PR Guy #2 "what a great idea! And 25 years from now we can re release it! Advertising it only as a preview, on a b rated animated straight to video movie"

So back to the topic at hand. Last night I was listening to Radio Sophie, 103.7fm in San Diego. It's part of CBS radio with 150+ affiliates nationwide. I was listening because they have a program called Unsigned Sunday hosted by Jane Asher. Jane is a voice over talent and a radio DJ as well and has become one of my favorite people in the music industry. She puts me on her show! It's awesome, and it was recently that I realized that it wasn't a "local music" show. It's a show featuring artists around the country that aren't signed yet. That makes me feel pretty dang cool.

The surreality of this whole thing. Two years ago, if I listened to the radio, I wouldn't know any of the artists that I was listening to. Back then, when I heard a song on the radio I figured the artist being played was a touring or established act. Fast forward two years and I'm listening to myself on the radio with my best girl by my side on our couch-streaming it on the Internet. I'm not in the middle of a tour, I'm in between diaper changes. But it's all good. I'm the stay at home rock star. Earlier yesterday I was playing for 3 hours for hundreds of people. As far as a tour is concerned- mine is more on the local level right now. Let's just call it practice for the real thing.

Okay, back to the surreality of it... again. While listening, I also heard songs from people that I know and am friends with. People I have played shows with from coffee shops to big stages. That reality dawned on me, this is who I am!

It was fantastic. It's a incredible high. Thank you Jane Asher for making the surreal a reality

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