Saturday, November 21, 2009

4:20 and Boobies

Most people know what 4:20 means, and who doesn't like boobies?

No, I'm not talking about THAT 4:20. I'm talking about 4:20 in the a.m. The time I woke up this morning after going to bed at 1 in the a.m. The bad part about this is that the baby is up with her Gramma and wasn't the reason that I woke up! What in tarnation is wrong with me? I think I still have that Ethiopian blend of Java Jones coarsing through my veins, still. That's my guess. It was really good and added to an excellent show last night!

Either way, I was up early and realized that a couple of my friends are getting ready to start Day 2 of the Susan G Komen 3 Day walk for the cure. So I started Tweeting with them early and they were already up. @HulaSD and @Dainjb are walking and a couple of the warriors in the front lines in the battle against breast cancer. It's people like them that inspire people like me to write, play and sing. To get up and do something instead of talk about it. I'm talking about saving the Boobies!!! Can you think of a more worthy thing to save?

If it weren't for these people making these committments to help find a cure and to raise the money for the research, then guys might not have anything to look at while talking to girls! And that deserves, at the least, a blog in their honor. Anybody disagree? Didn't think so.

In all seriousness, there are a number of diseases out there like cancer, diabetes, Lupus, AIDS etc. that need money raised for research to help find cures. Everyone is affected by some kind of disease and there are many ways to get involved.

Please, find a cause you want to help out, and become a volunteer for it. These non profits can only continue to exist with volunteer, community support. So take the lead, like my friends Hula and Dain, and make a difference. The life you end up saving might be mine! Or yours!!!

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