Saturday, November 7, 2009

celebrity friends and comedy

So being that I'm a supposed rock star, I have celebrity friends. They are celebrities in our circles, anyway. A number of these friends are comedians. Very, very funny people. It intrigues me how they like to hang with musicians as I, being the musician, like hanging out with comedians.

One of my comedian friends, RJ Dharni, was hanging out with me before an open mic when I found out he was a percussion player. So we went to his place, a block away from the open mic (conveniently) and worked on a couple songs and he sat in with me on my set. It was awesome! I don't think the opposite could ever happen, though.

It fascinates me that these people see the same things I do but when they recount it, it's funny. I love that. I have my own dialogue I use between songs on stage or funny ways of introducing a song. Because I'm not that singer/songwriter. I'm not the guy trying to show that sensitive side and get all the girls, I have all the girls I can handle. A wife, a 7 year old and a 21 month old. Anyway, I want to keep people's moods up when I'm on stage so I mix in humorous anecdotes about the songs I'm going to sing. But to have the anecdote being the only "product" on stage is a frightening proposition to me. So I love to watch my comedian friends deliver on their material.

Next Saturday (November 14th) AND Sunday (November 15th) I will be opening for comedy shows. I'm the music tha will be playing as people are getting amped up to laugh. I will be at the MadHouse Comedy Club, which is the newest and hottest comedy club in San Diego. National headliners and people you've seen on HBO, Comedy Central, NBC etc. all do their stand up here. I get to hang out with them. It's pretty awesome. Check out my calendar at my music site for show dates and contact me by friending me on Facebook and I'll put you on my guest list for these shows at the comedy clubs. Because that's how I roll.

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