Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Sound Of Raindrops On A Tin Roof

There's a mysterious wet spot on the carpet... and the dog wasn't in that room.

My daughter slept well last night. She didn't get up at 2am or 5am. She woke around 6:20am which is really sleeping in for her. One of her favorite things to do now is rip off her diaper. This is why I put her in zipper up footy jumpers. A) they look adorable B) they prevent her from ripping her diaper off.

So she's asleep and I'm out in the living room getting ready to walk the dog when I begin to hear what sounds like rain landing on a tin roof. What is this??? It's not raining. And I don't have a tin roof. I get up to investigate where the sound is coming from and I see my little baby girl standing at her safety gate, sans diaper, peeing on the carpet and looking semi confused about the whole thing. Thank you very much. I'm out.

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