Monday, November 9, 2009

Letters. Words. Rhythm. Rhymes

I'm just tryin'/to rhyme on time/and make a few dimes/from writin' these lines...

Letters, words, rhythm and rhyme are extremely important to me. The cadence, meter and flow of a line can make or break a song. Syllable counts and word manipulation are essential. Where does it start? I am currently watching a video with my little girl on the letters and their sounds. She sees the letter, learns the sound and then after each letter they have a little song like so...

"The M says mmm, the M says mmm, every letter makes a sound, the M says mmm"

Repetition through all the letters helps her learn sounds and repetition thru the hook of a song helps the listener get into a groove.

Cadence and meter are essential for timing. Which means that they are essenntial for musicians, comedians, actors etc. I have a fried who is excellent at this manipulation of words and syllables. He is one of my favorites in our local scene. His name is Rob Deez. Some people could say he's a phenomenal anomally. Check him out. Letters. Words. Rhythm. Rhymes. He's got 'em.

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