Friday, November 13, 2009

You Betta Reckanize!

This morning, driving through downtown after dropping my wife off at work, I saw the human version of Bert from Bert & Ernie. He had the boot brush hairdo and a shiny head. It was great.

Speaking of recognizing or recognition... the other day my wife and I were at Gaglione Bros Famous Steaks and Subs in the Sports Arena/Pt. Loma area having a cheese steak. The owner is a friend of ours and former neighbor. He does a lot with 94/9FM and asked to get a CD so he could take it into his buddy, Halloran, who is a DJ there. Possibly he could get him to play it. We'll see. Like that wouldn't be AWESOME!!! When I gave him the CD, one of his employees, Darrell, looked at it and said, "I have this CD!" and began going on about how he recognized the cover art.
The cover art is my logo I created. It is a guitar that becomes a coffee cup. I also have it on my guitar case, tattooed on my arm, on my business cards and everywhere else. Branding/Marketing 101-a simple, recognizable symbol to embody the product. He began saying how cool he thought it was and that he had redrawn it himself because he liked it so much. When I showed him my forearm, with the logo tattooed on it, he smiled a big smile and said. "Wow, that's you!"

It was an awesome moment for me and for my wife. As we walked out to the car we felt a small inkling of what it feels like to be a big time rock star. However, I'm certain a rock star wouldn't use the word "inkling". My wife said to me "That must be awesome to have someone say that about something you've created". I responded with "You better believe it! And you get to sleep with me!" which gave us a big laugh.
We celebrate every little moment, every little milestone. It's moments like this that remind you that it is possible to achieve a dream and reach your goals. No matter how unattainable they may seem.

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  1. I once had one of those viewfinders... you know those 80's toys that you insert a picture wheel into, look through the eyes and click the button like a camera and the picture changes?
    I had a particular picture wheel of Bert and ernie... in 1 picture they are standing together in a field, it's got a sepia toned haunting vibe to it. As a youngen i was frightened by it, i guess that's why I can remember how it looks so vividly.

    Years later, I've got a short little spikey crew cut, and I pose wide eyed with raised eyebrows for a photo next to my sister, the camera was set on sepia... she doesn't look like ernie, but holy crap i look exactly like bert.

    I blew the picture up to A3 and printed it out when i was in highschool, stuck it on the fridge in my mums house vowing to leave it there until i can find the viewfinder and prove to everyone that i'm right, and given the right expression, i am infact the real life bert.. and i'm equally as cool.

    That's all.