Monday, November 23, 2009

Things Are Invisible

Sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees

I've tried to look at that saying and dissect it. But then I got confused. So I stopped thinking about it and it made sense.

I am a white man. Just to cut to the chase. I am 6'5", around 225 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. That's pretty white. And my name is Chad. Kinda white, too. You're welcome. I don't golf, though. Because I'm not that white.

As a white man, I typically pay retail. I never look through coupons because I don't see them. They're invisible to me. That and good deals. Which leads me to the blanket statement that "Coupons, deals and sales are invisible to white people".

Before I met my wife, who is half Filipino, I just assumed everyone paid the same amount of money for stuff, like food at the grocery store. Man was I wrong. What I would pay $60 for, my wife would pay $25-and she would get more! Luckily, my wife has this special vision that allows her to find bargains and save money. I've also found that I have bonding experiences with my mother in law, from the Phillipines, when I can talk to her about saving gobs of money at the store. We have fun around our house.

I recently picked my oldest daughter up from her Gramma's house. On the drive back I could hear her reading off sales ads to her little sister. She was calling out the good deals and not so good deals.

She is 7. As in years old. It has already begun.

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