Friday, November 6, 2009

Stay at Home Rock Star pt. II

I am a singer/songwriter. My process isn't very formulaic. I get inspired by anything really. The real challenge is to be able to get the inspiration down on paper before one of the little ones decides they need all my attention. it's quite the comical battle. The amount of half written songs I have could fill, I don't know, half a notebook? But now that the toddler is able to escape any place she is put, it has posed an all new challenge to the creative process. Between preventing an accident in the kitchen, writing a verse, trying to stop the tears from flowing for not letting her have the pen I'm using to write the verse and tiny little fingers plucking at guitar strings (which is not as bad as when those same tiny fingers detune the guitar completely) a lot of good ideas can disappear.

On the other hand, she is really in to dancing to my music. So I've got that on my side.

Hasn't this been exciting so far? Haha! More later. I think she just dropped science in her diaper...

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