Saturday, November 7, 2009

pt. III- mini skirts and thigh high boots

It seemed like an appropriate subtitle for a serial piece with the words "rock star" in it...

So last night was my event that I put on every Friday in Downtown San Diego. It's at Java Jones Coffeehouse in the East Village neighborhood of downtown. Java Jones is located at the corner of 9th and Market (631 9th Ave). I put on an open mic from 7-9 and have one of San Diego's awesome talented musicians as a featured artist from 9-10. So it was another fun night of music with all the open mic'ers and our featured star, Jaden.

My buddy Duke, (a friend of mine I met through other open mic's) went for a slice after the show was over. Walking down Market street from 9th all the way to 6th ave (a total of 3 short blocks) on a Friday night means you are going to be among hordes of people dressed to the 9's. Ladies are out in the tiniest, tightest outfits you can imagine with boots that typically reach the center of their thighs or ridiculously high heels. Guys seem to have the same thing going on- long sleeve button down untucked, jeans with funky long pockets and very expensive looking shoes. They all really look the same. Unless they are part of the hipster crowd. Then you find colorful sneakers, v-neck t shirts, blazers and complicated haircuts. Whatever.

As Duke and I are walking through this sea of hook uppery, we were musing about the fact that the perception of the rock star life is exactly what we were walking among. But we were the ones that are the musician/entertainers. Ha! Sweet irony! As these "rock stars" were going out to be seen, hook up, dance in a circle around their shoes and posture around with their chests puffed out, the real rock stars were trying to get to their cars to get home to their families.

Ain't it grand!


  1. kinda reminds me of my night. i'm a comedian and lat night i had a show and afterwards people came up to me and were like, 'oh you're funny!', but for some reason i couldn't shake this sadness that had come over me. it's almost like sometimes we perform what we want to be rather than what we really are. good stuff dude, look forward to reading it on the regular..

  2. did u think I didn't know u were a comedian or were you sharing that with the others. Haha! Because you've been plugged in here;-) You need a dot com as do I