Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Got Love

Ain't nobody gonna take away the life that we been makin'/ every day is always better than the last there's no mistakin'... We Got Love

This is a song of mine. It's up on www.myspace.com/chadcavanaugh. I love this song. It's a happy song that grooves. It's got a Sublime feel to it. You'd love it if you go listen to it. Listen over and over again. Invite your friends to listen to it. Sing it to each other. Begin to feel it and begin to live the love. Actions are more powerful than words any day, but sometimes words can set the action in motion.

In my house, We Got Love. In my family, We Got Love. In my circle of friends, We Got Love. In this picture We Got (Faizon) Love. For the people I haven't met yet, We Got Love. Break down the walls of hate and let the love flood!

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