Thursday, November 12, 2009

bee TRAY ull

Betrayal (bee TRAY ul) v. to lag behind or fall back. Synonym of behind.

This is an excerpt from my dicChadnary. I'm creating my own dictionary. Isn't everyone? That's my question. The answer is a definitive "no". It's okay though, it allows me to corner the market. The way buskers corner 5th and Market in the Gaslamp. Haha.
I have an odd outlook on a lot of things. There are many words that don't seem to mean what they should and so I'm taking matters into my own hands. It's closing in on 100 entries after a couple weeks of work. I'm not really sure how many entries I'm shooting for. It can be tough to try and be creative when a 21 month old is running rampant through the house.
Oh yeah, please suggest to your friends to read this/subscribe to it. That would be really sweet. I'll leave you with this thought. Socks... say that word a bunch of times in a row. It starts to not make sense.

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