Thursday, November 12, 2009

When You Wish Upon A Stay At Home Rock Star

When You Wish Upon A Stay At Home Rock Star...

While driving away from the cabin at the Girl Scouts Headquarters with our daughter, a Brownie, we began discussing what she needs to do when she gets home. She has a writing assignment due for class the next day. Yes, I think it is insane that a second grader has homework and writing assignmests but she's smarter than we were so who am I to complain.

Her writing assignment is as follows: What is one thing above all else that you would wish for and why? Now, with it being Christmas right around the corner and a birthday not too far away, we anticipated answers like such. Barbie Dolls, Littlest Pet Shop toys, Stuffed Animals or anything Hannah Montana.

The following is her unsolicited reply that had no hesitation:

"I wish that my daddy could play his music all around the world and that everyone around the world could hear my daddy's music. Then daddy could make money and mommy wouldn't have to work so hard any more. Mommy works very hard every day and doesn't get a lot of money while daddy stays at home and raises the baby. If everybody could hear daddy's music then my wish could come true."

How to make a grown man cry, Volume 1. I couldn't believe how sweet that was. It's hard to tell what goes through the head of a 7 year old, obviously. Sometimes, without us knowing it, they are more perceptive to us then we realize.

I told her how much it meant to me that she would wish that and that it can come true. As long as we believe in ourselves, even if nobody else does, we can accomplish anything.

Dream Big, Reality Bigger

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