Sunday, November 8, 2009

Radio Play-Living the Dream

Remember the movie, That Thing You Do? ? The one with Tom Hanks and Liv Tyler where the kids with the band (the Oneders- not pronounced Oh-nee-durs)get linked up with Tom Hanks as the manager. The Drummer works at his parents appliance store, that movie? Remember the scene where they first hear themselves on the radio and everyone's screaming and going nuts and it's like a huge party? That movie...
Ask any musician what one of the coolest things that could ever happen with their music would be and I'm pretty sure being played on the radio would be in the top three. The first time I was played on the radio it was on a local San Diego radio station out of Encinitas, KPRI 102.1FM, on their Homegrown Hour, which showcases local talents. The evening I was played was the evening that it was announced that Cathryn Beeks would take over the hosting duties from Astra Kelly. I have a spot in my heart for both of these women. They were the first to put me on-they took my virginity, musically speaking if you will, and how may people can say they got their cherry popped by two women at the same time? Haha! Cathryn is Listen Local San Diego-one of the greatest promoters of local acoustic music in San Diego and Astra Kelly is a three time SDMA nominee and as a host of a radio show, loves to make people happy by giving them an opportunity few others will experience. Being played on the radio.
I have always had goals as a musician. Radio play has always been one of the ultimte goals. It was a tiered goal. Start at the local radio station level, the aforementioned KPRI would be that station. Then the tier goes upwards to 91X, the Local 94.9 and then the nationwide affiliated Radio Sophie. Radio Sophie 103.7fm is a part of CBS Radio. I'm pretty sure you've heard of CBS before. They have a show called Unsigned Sundays. Tonight will be my third time being played on Unsigned Sunday but the second week in a row of getting the big airwave love. I am in gratitude to a particular woman for this. Her name is Jane Asher, the host of Unsigned Sundays. She has been extremely gracious in her promotion of my music and shows on this radio program. I am honored to say that she is a fan of what I do. That is HUGE for me!!! And tonight, I will be sitting here, streaming live, with my lady and two little ones in our living room listening in as Jane Asher's voice announces my name and my song.
Radio Play is in my top three of "coolest things ever to happen to my music" list. The other two? Getting signed and going on tour and sharing my music with the world. I believe, do you?

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