Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Celebrating Everything

I won't take for granted everything that I've been given and we're all gonna die so we best start livin'

those are lyrics to my song, Best Start Livin'. I celebrate everything I can. Every little thing. Nothing is insignificant
last night I was invited last minute to be a part of a one year celebration show at a venue downtown. I had been the first to
play this show a year ago and I was able to be first again last night. After I was finished with my set, I was
approached by the general manager of a very posh hotel in downtown. He wants me to play at his hotel!!! It is
awesome to be appreciated. I was on a high. Then I was approached by the manager of this venue to play on my own
night! The high got higher.

This was very special to me. I wasn't supposed to be there that night. But I was, thanks to Lindsay White. My
lovely friend that does a duet with me.

When I got home, my baby girl couldn't wait to be held by me. I love when that little girl is affectionate. It is one of
my most favorite things in the world.

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  1. Lindsay was so wonderful to me when I played there. It was my first show after a VERY rough arrival.. It was great that she was the first musician i met in that lovely city. It definitely lifted my mood.
    and bare back gave me my first US sing along...
    I'm glad you got your own high out of that place too sir...