Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I'm calling BS!!!

Was this born out of Hockey? Really?!?! Black Friday? Really? How many
more elderly people and store security employees need to get trampled
before this intersection of shopping frenzy culture has a four way stoplight
erected? Doesn't it take a small child being run over at an intersection without
a stoplight in order for that intersection to get a stoplight? Has the premise
of preventive maintanance escaped us?

Seriously, who doesn't love a deal. But this is born out of department store/
manufacturers greed. If they can discount a price to move a product between
the hours of 5-11am then they can do it betweenthe days of November 27th
all the way to November 26th. Get out a calendar and figure that one out
instead of scratching your head. The fact that there is such a discount only
means that it is overpriced to begin with.

Watching somebody get bludgeoned to death and doing nothing about it is the
same thing as being the bludgeoner.

Please don't stand by and let this madness continue. I don't want someone to
push my mother to the ground or trample my daughter because she is standing
between you and Elmo.

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