Sunday, November 8, 2009

Every Day I'm Hustlin'... and Changing Diapers

There's a rap song I can't think of the name and it has a hook that say "everyday I'm hustling, ev-everyday I'm hustlin'" and I can relate to it...

Every day I'm hustlin' to get my music out there. Reaching out to radio stations, venues etc. while in between changing diapers. There is nothing glamorous about it at all but when you get the word back from the DJ from the radio station that you're gonna get played it is magical. For a moment, time stands still and it's like a scene out of a movie. Where a camera pans around me while I'm in a sea of people but it revolves around me and the hordes of people are going nuts over my song. I dream a lot. I dream big. I'm working on realitying bigger.

As an independent, I'm the only one that is going to put myself out there. So everyday I do that. But I try to walk a fine line between promoting and hustling vs being annoying. There are plenty of people out there trying to do the same thing. What makes me different? I believe. I believe that what I do is very real and very relevant. I believe that what I'm writing and singing is exactly what people want and need to hear. I've been truly blessed with everyone/everything around me!

As I type this, I just heard Jane Asher, DJ of Sophie Radio 103.7fm, refer to me as "one of their favorite". I'm gonna end here because my wife and I are on cloud 9 now.
(Photo by Dennis Andersen Photography)

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